Spotlight Interview with Matthias Biedenkapp

10 / 04 / 2021

Four questions for Matthias Biedenkapp (Managing Director, UI labs)

How has UI labs developed over the last few years?

UI labs has become a leading IT service provider and software developer for front office solutions, data management and regulatory reporting for the financial industry. Our customers value our combination of software and industry expertise. And they benefit from our flexibility, which allows us to merge different data sources that are available in the houses.

What is the advantage of your services over other solutions in the front office?

The approach of adapting the market-leading solutions of our partner SimCorp, individually to the needs of our customers and making them available as Software as a Service, reduces costs and time for implementation as well as for maintenance and hosting compared to “in-house solutions”. This is a future trend. Because with our platform solution, we enable investors and asset managers of all sizes to use the best solutions on the market – regardless of whether they have one portfolio, a few funds or already several hundred funds to manage.

Corona adds momentum to digitalization. Does that also apply to UI labs?

We have been ahead of the trend here for a long time. All our customers need on the user side is Internet access. This means they are optimally prepared for situations in which remote access has to be enabled at short notice. In this respect, our customers have been able to maintain their investment processes calmly, even from their home offices, from their mobile workplaces.

What do you expect for the future?

SaaS and cloud solutions will continue to be the drivers in the coming years. Data management and technical connectivity will become even more important, especially when it comes to supplementary market data for regulatory reporting for ESG, MiFIR and PRIIPs. Mobility in use is increasing – Corona is also a catalyst here. Therefore, mobile-device integration will be a growth trend especially for front-office solutions. Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are becoming increasingly important for analytics. Here, too, we can support our customers. So the future can come. We are ready for it.

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