Reporting is becoming increasingly relevant in the financial sector. At the same time, demands and complexity are increasing. This is where UI labs comes into play as the ideal provider with the cloud-based complete solution flowsuite®. The "Reporting" module gives you access to complete management reports and factsheets in your individual corporate design, including output management, in order to optimize the reporting process.

Tailor-made data presentation

At UI labs, we understand the essential role that factsheets play in asset management. They are the figurehead for products and a central means of communicating with investors. By using our factsheets, the product data is presented on a daily basis and adapted to the needs of the respective investors. They are created automatically and at any time using our Reporting Factory in flowsuite®. We not only offer you a tool for creating factsheets, but also a partnership that supports you in all aspects of reporting.

Increase in efficiency

Automation minimizes manual effort.

Consistency of data

Synchronization of reports with other report formats and presentations.


Direct accessibility via the flowsuite®.

Corporate Identity/Design

All reports and factsheets can be adapted to the individual corporate design on request.


Simple integration of additional data through file import and structured interfaces.

Microsoft Reporting Services are used as the basis to provide a stable and secure basis for the creation and management of factsheets. The connected DWH also ensures fast and efficient report generation.

Thanks to central data storage, KVGs, custodians and market data providers are together in one place. The data can then be presented on different devices and operating systems using extensive visualization options.

Thanks to full automation, we can update all reports and factsheets at the push of a button. With Reporting Factory, we are able to take care of the entire compilation and transmission process, allowing you to concentrate on your core tasks and without having to do the manual work of compiling reports.

We will make a factsheet for you in your individual corporate design and include the components according to your specifications. We assist you with investment committee meetings or preparing special data files in all the usual formats and with the calculation of the usual performance indicators.

The factsheets can be produced in different languages to reach an international audience. You can also choose between various formats such as: PDF and MS Word.

We fulfill the requirements in the areas of: Tax, PRIIPs-KID, ESG and MiFIR Art. 26. In addition, all common European templates such as EET, EMT, TPT (Solvency II) can be prepared. We ensure that the latest regulatory requirements are met. We also offer support in fulfilling new reporting obligations through precise and automated data processing.

UI labs supports the implementation and optimization of reporting. Our experts are constantly working on improving the reporting tools to meet individual requirements.

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