SmartOrder is a web-based application within flowsuite┬« that enables simple order transmission to the front office. The application offers the option of order entry and communicates directly with SimCorpDimension’s Asset and Compliance Manager and IBOR. Before approval, all audit rules and results from the Compliance Manager are clearly displayed in SmartOrder. If a security is not in the portfolio and requires a securities investment, this can easily be done directly from the application. The cloud-based approach ensures maximum flexibility and smooth order processes.

How does SmartOrder work?

After a successful login, SmartOrder offers intuitive navigation that enables the use of mouse and keyboard as well as touchpad and touchscreen. The application can be used on various devices such as iPads and laptops and adapts to different operating systems, including Windows, MacOS and Android.

SmartOrder enables asset allocation and performance analysis.

The time period and various parameters can be selected to track the portfolio development. Graphical elements also provide a clear presentation of the data, which can be downloaded in various formats.

The integrated Order Manager in SmartOrder simplifies the task of order creation. After selecting the customer and their portfolio, all the necessary details are displayed. Buy or sell orders can be created, order types selected and the status of the order monitored.

The user administration in SmartOrder enables the continuous management of organizations, asset managers and users. The administrators can manage authorizations and assign individual rights.

Asset managers have access to client portfolios, whereby further restrictions can be implemented as required.

Various reports are available under the “Reporting” menu item, including portfolio, transaction and customer reports. If required, these can also be adapted to the individual corporate design. In addition, parameters such as key date, asset classes and sorting can be set to generate customized reports. Finally, the reports can be printed or exported in various formats.

What advantages does SmartOrder offer?

SmartOrder makes it easy to manage organizations, asset managers and users. Customers and portfolios are assigned in the application, which simplifies administration. It also offers fast and efficient order generation, including direct transmission to various trading platforms.

With the option of two-factor authentication, SmartOrder offers a further level of security by requiring an additional token when logging in.

The application makes it easier to place orders by displaying the transaction type, securities and required details. Buy and sell orders can be generated easily.

SmartOrder offers a Top and Lower 10 analysis, which makes it possible to identify the ten largest and smallest positions in the overall portfolio. This opens up the opportunity to understand important factors influencing the portfolio and to make well-founded decisions.

SmartOrder offers a personalizable dashboard on which individual information can be set. This makes it possible to see current market data and relevant information at a glance.