Front Office

Get a complete cross-asset view of your holdings with valuations, metrics, simulations, pre-trade compliance checks, order routing and reconciliation - without the need for costly proprietary infrastructure.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio managers are increasingly dependent on technical solutions to cope with the growing complexity of their tasks. Within flowsuite, UI labs offers a powerful portfolio management system based on SimCorp Dimension with a complete overview of all investment information in real time.

SimCorp Dimension includes the Asset Manager module, a feature-rich, centralized portfolio management system that brings together all assets, open positions and associated risks. The ability to run simultaneous simulations and modeling across numerous portfolios allows portfolio managers to pre-analyze and review all investment decisions for compliance and risk. The Front Office System – SimCorp Dimension is customized according to the customer’s needs. Various modules from SimCorp Dimension are available for this purpose.

The most important part of any investment process is the efficient monitoring and control of investment guidelines. With the fully integrated Compliance Manager, a comprehensive compliance check is performed directly with order generation, regardless of whether legal or contractual limits are involved. The module has an extremely powerful compliance ruleset that guarantees extremely fast compliance checks across numerous portfolio positions.

Today, financial institutions (buy and sell side), routing networks, and regulators worldwide use the FIX protocol to transmit and exchange order and transaction information. However, SimCorp Dimension’s Order Manager not only uses the FIX protocol to transmit orders, but also some alternative non-FIX protocols. The entire process, from real-time data retrieval to order transmission, execution monitoring, and backtracking in the Asset Manager, is fully automated. The Order Manager – just like all other SimCorp Dimension modules – is fully scalable and can be adapted to growing requirements. The open interface architecture guarantees flexible communication and maximum interoperability with internal and external counterparties and systems, such as the connection to Bloomberg EMSX or Trading Desk.

Reconciliation is one of the most important components in active portfolio and risk management. All relevant information is reconciled on a daily basis and adjusted accordingly. SimCorp Dimension’s Reconciliation Manager offers a large number of existing interfaces for the exchange of information between the asset manager and the relevant custodian banks and fund administrators. Fund accounting files can be imported and reconciled via a standard interface (BVI) or via specific fund accounting interfaces.

Efficient portfolio and order management requires a massive amount of master and market data from various sources covering different asset classes. In addition, there is a considerable increase in the number of regulatory requirements regarding the correct storage of all data relevant for portfolio management, the overall management of orders and their execution, as well as for compliance. With its data warehouse, flowsuite offers powerful data management that gives you access to multiple providers of master and market data such as WM Data Services, Bloomberg and others. At the same time, it provides access to all relevant archived data related to portfolio management, order management and compliance from the SimCorp Dimension front office system. Using this data, you can generate all reports required by regulators, as well as customized reports and analyses whenever they are needed.

The web-based dashboard enables the dynamic display of relevant fund and portfolio information.

At any time, from any location and on all common mobile devices.