Data Warehouse

With the data warehouse we create a harmonization of your heterogeneous and distributed data and enable a global view for ad hoc reports and analyses.

Data management and beyond

Increasing regulatory requirements, heterogeneous data sources, complex decisions - without a uniform data basis, practically no data quality can be lived today. With the data warehouse, you can successfully and efficiently meet the daily challenges of data management. Create a global view of your heterogeneous and distributed data with the DWH from UI labs, for the rapid provision of reliable and up-to-date information. The integration of internal and external data sources was developed specifically for the financial industry and includes several years of experience as a data management expert.

Automated & preconfigured workflows

for data transformation processes from different source systems

Transformation processes

Are logged, historicized and thus compliant for the regulatory requirements of the financial industry

Custom reports

are displayed in the portal and can be exported in various file formats

Data file shipping

e.g. by e-mail to a predefined list of recipients

Our data warehouse solution is enhanced by the following components for optimal use:

  • ETL-Workflow Engine – labs FLOW
  • User and Admin Portal – labs PORTAL
  • Automated Output Manager – labs OUTPUT

labs.DWH is based on a Microsoft SQL server database and a flexible ETL workflow engine, labs.FLOW. Using labs.FLOW, existing systems can be integrated into the data warehouse quickly and at low cost.

labs.DWH includes automated and pre-configured workflows for data transformation processes from the various source systems. For example, data from Bloomberg© can be transferred into the Asset Manager application from SimCorp Dimension©. Workflows can be adjusted to suit your individual needs and guarantee correct data transformation. labs.SCHEDULERS can be used to manage workflows based on events and time.

All transformation processes are clearly recorded in labs.DWH, chronologized and therefore comply with the regulatory requirements of the financial industry. You manage your data comfortably and in a user-friendly way via a web portal. You will be provided with the exact data that you need to make a decision – in exactly the form you want it.

labs.DWH also has interfaces for the usual reporting solutions. OLAP Cubes from the data warehouse’s data inventory are available and are created according to your requirements.

The labs.DWH interface and data model can be adjusted to suit your needs. The application and authorisation structures can be configured as required. labs.PORTAL acts as a user-friendly interface for the administration of the data warehouse. The portal is the central user interface for downloading the applications and includes an option to configure individual settings. User-defined reports from SSRS (Microsoft SQL Reporting Services) can be displayed using the portal and exported in various file formats. labs.OUTPUT Manager offers automated data file sending, e.g. sending via email to a pre-defined list of recipients.

  • Efficient process management, data maintenance and monitoring
  • Rapid implementation of new types of instruments and investment approaches using processes which have already been implemented
  • Various views of a single, integrated, homogenised data basis
  • Broad selection of pre-defined reporting views and reporting cubes available
  • Annual development, release and rollout processes
  • Participation by our customers for our customers
  • Solvency II performance and risk indicators
  • PRIIPS performance scenarios & risk indicators
  • Automatic release adjustments of existing applications based on the example of SimCorp Dimension©
  • Optimised data model for the financial industry
  • Perfect compatibility with other UI labs products

  • Collection and historization of data from various internal and external sources
  • Coverage of master data, holdings, transactions, accounts, performance, market, index
    and benchmark data, key figures and complex financial instruments
  • Multi-client capability (multi-entity)
  • Multi-GAAP
  • Logging and Errorhandling
  • Numerous reporting interfaces

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