The web-based dashboard enables the dynamic display of relevant fund and portfolio information. At any time, from any place and on all common mobile devices.

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Visualize, analyze and report in one application

The web-based dashboard labs.FIP acts as a basis for providing fund-specific data, time sequencing and key figures with the help of modern online and self-service business intelligence technologies. As a user, you can access the relevant information anywhere, any time – on a computer, tablet or smartphone. The dashboard solution may be used to supplement classic management reporting and offers a range of options for exporting data and processing the relevant data. A flexible connection to various data sources allows the information to be displayed clearly on the dashboard and used for further analyses.

FIP offers employees from the areas of portfolio management, controlling and management flexible access to fund information in varying degrees of detail and is ideally suited as an information platform via the dynamic dashboard. Another key area of application for FIP is the provision of a wide range of information such as holdings, transactions and key risk figures. The dashboard enables the interactive and dynamic display of fund data and portfolios in combination with analysis functionalities in an appealing graphical presentation as well as export functions for further processing of the data. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

For example, the following figures can be displayed:

  • Key figures for the fund
  • Fund master data
  • Key performance indicators and benchmarks
  • Index data
  • Time sequencing
  • Transactions and inventories

The FIP also supports your sales and consulting staff. The data relevant to your customers is available at all times and can be used as support, for example in customer meetings, on mobile devices.

The dashboard solution can be used as a supplement to classic management reporting, offering a variety of options for data export and further processing of the relevant data. A flexible connection to various data sources allows the information to be clearly presented in the dashboard and used for further analyses.

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Since our founding in 2009, we have managed a mid three-digit number of individual projects in the various divisions. The scale ranges from smaller projects to complex realizations over several years. Below you will find a brief overview of some customers for whom we have realized challenging projects.